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Windiest Place on Earth - Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Mount Washington is the highest point in New Hampshire at 6,288 ft and has some of the harshest weather conditions of any place in the world. In 1934, a wind speed of 231 mph was recorded at the top maintaining a world record until 1996. This type of power rivals that of an F4 tornado which can be quite dangerous reaching speeds of up to 260 mph.

On a clear day at the summit, one can see into as many as five states and even Canada. If you’re fortunate to be standing at the top at sunrise, it’s said you can see the Atlantic Ocean at over 65 miles away as an orange strip on the horizon. If you’d like to visit the summit, there are a few ways to get there to include driving a car, taking the Cog Railway, or via your own two feet.

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