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Did you know that there are four U.S. State capital cities named after U.S. Presidents?

1) Madison, Wisconsin: Madison was named in honor of the 4th president of the U.S. and the streets of Madison are named after the signers of the US Constitution. Madison is in the south-central part of the state and is the second largest city behind Milwaukee.

The capital city skyline of Madison, Wisconsin

2) Lincoln, Nebraska: The city was founded in 1856 and originally named the Village of Lancaster until 1869 when it was renamed Lincoln after the fourth president of the U.S., Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is in the eastern part of the state and is home to the University of Nebraska.

3) Jefferson City, MO: Located in the center of the state of Missouri, Jefferson City was founded in 1821 and named after the third president of the U.S., Thomas Jefferson.

4) Jackson, MS: Jackson is the largest city in Mississippi and named after the seventh U.S. president, Andrew Jackson.

Bonus Tip:

Do you know when to use ‘capitol’ vs. ‘capital’? The difference is quite simple really. The word capitol will involve a description of a building where government law makers will carry out their duties such as the U.S. Congress meeting in Washington D.C. Capitols are typically marvelous structures that when we see them, we think “wow” or “oh” as in the ‘o’ found in the very word capitol itself!

The word capital can make references to wealth, upper case letters, or be a city that houses a country or state’s government.

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